Peacock Green or often called Java, scientific name Pavo muticus is one of three species of bird peacock. Like the other birds were found in tribal Phasianidae, Green Peacock has a beautiful coat. Green feathers golden. Adult males are very large, can reach 300cm in length, with a very long tail cover. Above their heads is crested upright. Female birds are smaller than males. The feathers are less shiny, grayish green and without feathers adorned the cover tail.
Green Peacock population scattered in open forests with grasslands in the People’s Republic of China, Indochina and Java, Indonesia. Previous Peacock Green were also found in India, Bangladesh and Malaysia, but now extinct there. Although very large, Peacock Green is a clever bird to fly.

In the breeding season, male birds show off his tail feathers in front of female birds. Tail feathers cover is opened to form fan-shaped eyes with specks. Female birds incubate three to six eggs.
Green Peacock bird feed consisting of a variety of grains, grass shoots and leaves, various insects, and other small animals such as spiders, worms and small lizards.
However, because of the large forest habitat loss and illegal arrests continue, and the area where the bird was found to be highly fragmented, Green Peacock evaluated as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. It is listed in CITES Appendix II. wikipedia.org


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